Smiling Lips.

Can’t force happiness. Sadness, on the other hand, can become a powerful trampoline taking you back above.

Photo by Kelsey Curtis

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“Here the church is preaching sadness. “

In the society of smiling lips
you will find no lonely tears
rolling down the cheek
leaving a snail-like trail.

Here you smile and here you shine,
like a coin, freshly minted
bouncing off the surface
like a bunny in the circus.

Here the church is preaching sadness,
finding solace in the doom;
feels refreshing searching
for the redemption of the soul
in the grey, my friend.

This society accepts
lips lying, lips biting,
the lips that hide behind the grimace
of the melancholic clown,
sharing mannered happiness beneath the Sun,
while shooting fire in the vein beneath the Moon.


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