Audio-Poetry: Voiceless

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Liz Martin “You are part of the boat…” Silence of the water ismoving wooden boatmuch further. Edges of its frameare just above thestreaming, veiled substance,that has the boat surroundedwith the abundance of thevoiceless,almost frozen water. You are part of the boatand part of water,partitioned silenceand sliced defianceto the bloodless […]

Audio-Poetry: Born In River

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Micha Frank  “Allegedly located somewhere…” Solid chains are piercingthrough my leg and slowing downmy movement, forcing me to begfor liberty, emancipation,but passing eyes talk of amusementand deceit reflected in the puddle on the street. I was forced to hunt for virtueallegedly located somewheredown the unlit fleshy pipes,reflected in the […]

Poetry: Grapevine

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Roberta Sorge  “Their half-shut eyes…” Wind and rainopening a trail of painfor the blind victimsof the serpentine grapevine. Their half-shut eyesemit no life but onlyirritation, lack of sleep,and that dried up tearthey wished to camouflage within. Slow walk from side-to-siderecalling something naval,like an old vessel through the storm,praying that […]

Poetry: Aeternus

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Amirhossein Khedri “The new age is the old age…” Nothing is eternal –reminded by the fallen leaves,those dying trees andexpanding city streets. Memories and monumentsare falling down,replaced by new onesat the dawn of the new age. The age of quick grabs,fast cars, pay cuts,airstrikes and bitcoin signs. The new […]

Audio-Poetry: Wooden Horse

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Irina Nakonechnaya  “He has become a horse for others…” This city keeps no hostages alive,and this region breathes with firemelting sanity awaywashing it with tearsof lonely widowssobbing at the edges of their homes. Silence helps to cure the anger,makes it disappear like a fallen staremerging from the depths of […]

Poetry: Night Pillar

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Kyle Mills  “The void is not to disappear…” Stone pillar in the distancefaking marble andshining backward at the sun,poking at its eyes to no avail. Bright light is alwaysradiant at night,the time to start the carnivalof stars and broken string guitars. The company of misfitsgathering around the pillarspilling booze […]

Poetry: FCM

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by MontyLov “Interior like a cement box…” I’m lost inside the corridorof open metal doors and doors with locks,containing feral thoughts. Interior like a cement boxthe one some call apartment blockbut I just call it: FCM  – Facility Containing Men. I’m knocking on locked doors.I ignore the open ones, of coursebut no […]

Audio-Poetry: Tiny Dandruff

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Leonie Zettl  “Some line is crossed…” Can a flag change its meaningwaving in directionof the wind that’s blowingcountering the fearthat’s growing? Can we hideon the boatand just hopeto follow tideand not to disappeardissolve inside the ocean fear? Can we humans get another chancefor the bloody millionth timeto make it […]

Poetry: Souls

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Lenka Sluneckova  “Everything’s shifting…” Sad souls are moving upwards,closer to the cloudsfurther from the pipesand bleached out labs. Everything’s shifting,drifting like a smokefrom our colorful manholebefore vanishing into the unknown. Marked souls are on the journey,closer to the soilfurther from the fear,but closer to the undying sphere. Poetry by […]

Poetry: Unknown

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Mei-Ling Mirow “A bullet with the wings…” Just a touch of a handthat sends the beatpulsating through my bodymaking me complete. A bullet with the wingslooking for the soulto pierce and landinto the forever spring. Is this healing beat enoughto patch my spirit holesand send me on my road,this […]

Audio-Poetry: The Hell

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Sergey VinogradovHire “Some line is crossed…” Feeling shuttered is a givenmortal sense,written on certificate of birthand carved out on the stone. Silence is when there are no words,only violencebreathing coldlyin the ear. Some line is crossed,and now return ispainful and dirty;now the price isdisgraceful and costly. The wall of […]

Audio-Poetry: Leather Boots (Rework)

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Vladimir Fischer “We continued marching on…” The dessert stones are crumbling beneath,leaving particles of duston the red and itchy surface of my foot,covered tightly with that foreign leather boot. Our shirts are soaked in sweat,dumb rifles wrecking our shoulders,swinging with each step –black pendulum of modern doom. We continued […]

Audio-Poetry: Saudade

There will be none. Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Girl with red hat “What can I offer to this sketch…” The tape will change,I mean the chapter, scenery, landscape,will be forever altered in my brain. Old pain will be placedin the attic for a whileas the memories begin to shape and outlinelike a growing vineon the castle […]

Audio-Poetry: Desert Bear

Bunch of sweaty bears… Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Oxana Lyashenko “I was swallowed once…” I can’t fake emotionon the paper;placing poemstrue and clearlike drinking from the wellonly the back isterribly unguardedfrom the vicious desert bear. Those bears arepart of the inner fauna,devouring the fearand burping out the horrorsshaking strong foundations of the realm. […]

Poetry: Survival Mode

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Lydia Mailloux  “Whisper coming from the lips…” Survival mode –is when the music’s wrong,when the bones refuse to holdthe burden of my soul. Everything’s a heavy loadon the street that’s litwith sunset tears, andfragmented dreamslay shattered on the roadremembering the rockthat broke the unity of sand of fire. Whisper […]

Poetry: Paint

Washing out the paint of the day. Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann  “Imagination keeping the insanity at bay…” Will things changeor I am stuck to be a prisonerof my emotions and my dreams,searching for dimensions and my keystools of a mastermind escape. Imagination keeping the insanity at baywhile I try to prayfor […]

Poetry: Lost Questions

So many questions that I have failed to ask my grandparents. Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan “I regret that I never had the time…” I wonder how it wasin Moscow after the war;flags of nazis piling up,sharing the Red Squarewith an old sovietleather treasure boot. Yes, fireworks again,remembrance of sacrifices […]

Poetry: That Time

That time when we were really free but very stupid. Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by yousef alfuhigi “There was no guiding hand…” It’s happening right nowbut memories appearone after the othersolid in the eye. Oh guys, where were youduring my good times,or more like, where was thatgood passion hiding,when we were lost in unexplored. […]

Audio-Poetry: Altitude

An acquaintance made above the clouds. Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by William Bayreuther  “We are like two birds…” Now I was stunned,I will admit,that there are no misunderstood lyricsfeelings shared between us two. We are like two birds,two passengers on a plane,one goes happily to some resortand other sits in mourning,gotta pick up the bodytomorrowby […]

Poetry: Silent Thunder

Thunder in the distance shuttering the stone. Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by SALEH “I start counting seconds…” In the distance lightningflashed a secondall surrounding buildings, fields. I start counting seconds,it’s now a minuteand here is the thundertrembling the foundationsof my home,those foundations of my soul. My heart starts pounding,my feet are down the stairs,following […]


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