Poetry: Attic

My dusty attic. “BAckache,too much sitting…” So many things on my mind,it’s a cluttered, messy, dusty attic. You can notice flying particles of stars,satan’s dandruff, phoenix ash and a Wall Street banker sitting typing something, fighting buzzing headache,questions. Occasional sunbeam focused on the wooden attic floorspilling tales and visionslike I’m spilling whiskeyon my work. Backache, too much sittingstretching […]

Poetry: Temper Weather

Dedicated to the moving force of my life. “That way I know I’m still alive…” My weakness is my temper,it’s fast to blastbut feels heavy in the handas you tell me wordsfilled with biting truth and wounding facts;fury now mutated in its tracknow blushing cheeks, apologies there is. I’ll tell you a secret,I enjoy the […]

Poetry: Highway on the Sun

This poem comes straight from the dusty folder containing my writings from about a year ago. After a bit of editing, here is the “Highway on the Sun.” “Fast lane with broken brakes…” Spit, jump, screamyou are in the ring of fireburning, melting like a disregarded ice creamon the pavement looking at the Sun.  Fast lane […]

Poetry: Statue

“What’s the meaning of this beauty…” I see it fully,statue all alone in the desert,or a field, the scenery is changinglike a light switch on the wallswinging to the song. What’s the meaning of this beauty,standing here alone,as the seasons changing, and leaves are movingviolently with primal nature in the core;simple and yet so powerful […]

Poetry: El Dorado

“Weird, unique, and cute…” Art is like conflictit’s biased in each mind,can’t satisfy each tonguewith the flavor of your wordsand painting brushes in a bowl. Some find it difficult to admit,they turn to alcohol, and rageas they are struggling to turnthe unfinished paper page. The pain of tedium dullnessis biting the soul, not organs,as you […]

Audio-Poetry: Bleeding

“It’s the reality that’s dark…” I wrote a poem,and then deleted it;sent words down into the unknownexactly where they belong. I start again,whispering the sentences with shaking lipswhile needle fingers typing,sometimes laughing madlyto the reflection of the dark realityhidden deep within. Or maybeIt’s the reality that’s dark,and the only light is LCDshining at me through […]

Poetry: Clock-Hand

“I’ll tackle time…” My blank stare is directedat the naked body of the clock;these eyes are drunken foolsexpect the time to play alongbut clock hands are loyal to the ancient code,ignoring jests and spoiled energy ashore. These eyes were not the first ones to tryto command and control the beat,to ride on its back, to […]

Poetry: Coin

“It was all for nothing…” I found a coin hidden well within my pocket,shining back at mewith its seducing metal coat.  I was glad to meet,this ultimate evading guest;not every day I get to greeta celebrity of such proportions. I showed my best side,all the little niceties,a drop of charm that’s slightly outdated,smile, shoeshine, spark in […]

Poetry: Squeeze

“Our eyes meet…” Hold my hand,I don’t mind your squeezeand pouring sweat,just hold it,and put it closer to the chest. Our eyes meetat last, I see the universethat you been hiding all along. As we start to danceto the rhythm of the pulsating heart,everything slows down,sounds are silenced,and the light projected right onto us. Each […]

Poetry: Infernum

“Fear is Lost…” I could be a demongrow ugly fangs and clawswith sharp hornsacross the forehead,piling up the wordsthat are squeezed with poisonfrom the viper’s mouth. This image haunts me in the puddlelassoing insideto a place where the fire burns eternal,healing and rebuilding split souls,melted hearts and sad eyesthat gave up the ability to cry. […]

Poetry: Bits and Pieces

“The memories that I remember…” Some daysthey tend to imprint themselvesin certain memories foreverwhile others vanish in the smoke.It’s like collecting bits and piecesinside the pile of dusty books,and aged track from cold,that very old and highly thirstymusic player from the messy locker. The memories that I remembercome from different people, clearly. One arc is […]

Poetry: Bard

“Silly games that bring no winner…” You can from the startask me to go out,without pretending, playingsilly games that bring no winner,only an artificial filler to the mundane. Why you always visit me,and try to poke and shakemy boat that’s bound to sinkregardless on its own? Could you sing a different tunesomething closer to realityof […]

Poetry: Melting

“those floors and countless doors…” I feel like I’m melting,turning into the sour grapea spoiled wine that’s left aloneon the edge of the dying city lights. I need no pitymy label bears an established namewith royal crests and loyal mountsstanding proudly on the side. Yet, this crest,however beautiful, good lookingis not created by my handsor […]

Audio-Poetry: I will

“What else can I say…” I couldn’t end it,yet I could have helped you,but the air was stuck inside my lungsunable to sharpen the wordmy old rusty sword.   What else can I saywhen I constantly failgrande tristezaare my name and a medalthat I wear on my sleeveon the eve of the mortal infliction.  You saw […]

Poetry: Heavy Load

“That’s a lack of morality…” Canceled feelings singing tunesabout the silent night abuse,when no one hears or speaks a word,and life itself became a turdstuck to the bottom of the boot. Some have the strength to carry weightof a thousand barrels on the back,grinding teeth and dripping sweatis a new reality, and others say: That’s […]

Poetry: Older Man

“He told me of his dismal life so far…” I met an older man the other day,he had wrinkles on his facehe smelled of lousy booze and stale smoke,his hair was crazy, empty in the middle,with bushy clouds stuck to the sides. He didn’t speak directly to me,but I knew his speech was addressed to […]

Poetry: Puzzle

A lost piece. “And then I go…” I dwell in memories sometimestrying to construct the puzzlebut some pieces missing all the timewrecking all the little gain I made. It’s falling like a paper castleon the empty, barren ground. So I return to my eternal dutyconstructing structures out of a conceptfrom the closet somewhere hidden deep […]

Poetry: Words of Comfort

Always needed. “I feel a little out of place…” Long lost road, forgotten streetnot far from the flower garden,and the pond like a boundless oceanfor the little animated souls.  I feel a little out of place,like I don’t belong, and that is true,I’m just a mere visitor for a short duration,on this remarkable and somewhat […]

Poetry: Mad

We have lost the plot. “Some mad for flavor of the lips…” I think we all insanelike in some sorrow tale,where all farmers lose their crop,then lose a family to war,and left alone to wait for the rapture,as they sing in madness anthems.  Some mad for flavor on the lipsin search of pleasure to extend,others […]

Poetry: A Shadow

The last companion… “we will travel far…” Shadow stuck to the sole,origami of the soulbut most likely just a mute companionwill be the last entity to give me company.  We will travel far, further than the horizonand will speak the languages forgottenwe will spend the moment looking at the dawn,as if we were born again. […]


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