Poetry: Words of Comfort

Always needed.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Carlos Veras

“I feel a little out of place…”

Long lost road, forgotten street
not far from the flower garden,
and the pond like a boundless ocean
for the little animated souls. 

I feel a little out of place,
like I don’t belong, and that is true,
I’m just a mere visitor for a short duration,
on this remarkable and somewhat bizarre 
cosmic yo-yo ball. 

I try not to intrude too much 
and sit on a side, observing people
from the headlines of the news while
discussing weather with exotic birds 
who only sing in blues. 

They tell me of the incoming rains
and complain about the lack of sunshine rays,
all I could say is just some words of comfort 
suitable for men without a trace of honor 
but not for a proud eagle or a hawk.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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