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Poetry: Unfortunate Tale

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Hey everyone. It is going to be the last poem of this year. This year has been challenging for many, including myself. Although it doesn’t feel right to complain about my seemingly painless difficulties when so many people lost their homes and loved ones in a military aggression unseen in Europe since the ugly days of World War 2.

Regardless of the outcome, people are enduring creatures, and we often manage to overcome our problems. So that’s why I wish everyone in the upcoming new year to grow and not dwell on our obstacles and use them as an opportunity to grow.

Next year I plan to change up the format of posting poetry online and, hopefully, will positively surprise you in my journey as a writer and a poet.

I will see you next year!

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by guille pozzi

“Connections were Cut…”

This year flew by fast
like a rocket of death, destruction
or, like a first breath
of a drowning survivor.

Connections were cut
with disgust and a grimace
and new bonds were
cemented in stone
and a bottle of Guinness.

Some goals were achieved
with a laser precision
while others lay vacant
away from my head.

What can I say?

It’s an unfortunate tale
to be pictured, portrayed
as a bud
or a growing cub,
while nights are
and the winter is coming,

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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