Poetry: Terra Firma

Summer camp trip.

Photo by Europeana

“It lives in memory brought alive again.”

Empty trails
are calling me again
to visit and to feel
those tiny stones scattered on the floor
and the leaves are full of moist
like a washed-up living creature.

The earthly texture of the stone and leaf
are found in many places,
surrounding many cities
for centuries at least.

Yet these leaves and stones
are very special and probably
forgotten by the most.

They serve as mere scenery,
a backdrop for the episode
or short movie, seen
exclusively by present there,
on this motion-picture set.

Welsh countryside, green fields,
evidence of healthy sheep,
football pitch, pub, glass cokes,
together prayer and the meal,
sunset full of philosophy and beauty.

It’s followed by the stars and night
calling back to the empty trails,
sharing flashlights, laughing,
singing to the friendship
that’s bound to end
but we don’t know about it yet.

It lives in memory brought alive again
by these pixels on the screen.


Thank you very much for any help!


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