Poetry: Squeeze

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Alex Iby

“Our eyes meet…”

Hold my hand,
I don’t mind your squeeze
and pouring sweat,
just hold it,
and put it closer to the chest.

Our eyes meet
at last, I see the universe
that you been hiding all along.

As we start to dance
to the rhythm of the pulsating heart,
everything slows down,
sounds are silenced,
and the light projected right onto us.

Each step
another obstacle removed,
enthusiastic smile
another crisis shuttered;
increase the speed,
expand the risk
grow some wings and glide through fire.

We could have danced forever,
but the candle starts to wiggle.

Can I keep it lit forever
or will submerge it into the sea of tears
shed only in the quiet of the night?

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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