Poetry: Rushing Somewhere

Not in the past, and far from the future.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Julia Berezina

“Living in the memories…”

I close my eyes
and take a breath
followed by the wave
of the nostalgia and regret.

Living in the memories;
most times, I only cherish them,
but this time.
it’s different,
I’m breathing and swimming in them,
drowning, sinking like a stone,
panicking to be left forgotten,
to be left alone.

I open my eyes in fright,
frozen like a deer
mesmerized by the headlights –
two massive moons visiting the Earth.

I calm the breath
and soothe the pain in the chest,
control the shake
of my fingers on the spike.
yeah, that’s right
no place for traitors trembling
in front of the bitterness of life.

No need to look ahead for me,
it is too far, and cloudy to the eye,
I’ll just breathe the moment,
forget the melancholy and
stop rushing to the grave.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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