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Poetry: Parquet Floors

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Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Vladimir Fischer

“I Hope They Forgive My Intrusion…”

It was the end of the scorching summer,
on the banks of the Vltava river,
Where each stone on the pavement rose
with pride and dignity,
as if reaching to the sky
and sending codes
to the known and forgotten
ghosts and souls of old.

I hope they forgive my intrusion,
these walls and parquet floors
that are screeching under my toes
and quake from the noise
of modern trolleys outside.

Who lived between these walls
and looked outside this wooden window
on the passing people, horses, cars?

Did they dream like me
sleeping on this shrieking bed
the passing history between their eyes
not sure if its a dream or some
overpixalated virtual reality.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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