Poetry: Nirvana Bar

A place, familiar to bits.

“Cocooned and warmed…”

Night and moonlight,
ocean breeze,
madman miracles,
slow tears.

Join me at the corner table,
the one that’s closer to the exit,
with rolling dice and wooden cups;
my friends are thirsty, and so am I.

This is Patrick, and here is Malka,
Ahmed, Aiku, Pedro, Chan,
we came together on a floating boat,
shared the treats and climbed on trees,

Now we are guardians in here,
drinking, singing,
with everything included,
living fully, my ironic rookie.

Nauseous? A little sick?
That’s usual, my kid,
we all have made this journey here,
through the cooking sands and trippy clouds.

You looking backward now,
forget it, get a cup and tell your story,
so we will sing it to the glory
of our ghostly celebration.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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