Poetry: Mad

We have lost the plot.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Painting by Daumier, Honoré, 1841. Shared by Boston Public Library 

“Some mad for flavor of the lips…”

I think we all insane
like in some sorrow tale,
where all farmers lose their crop,
then lose a family to war,
and left alone to wait for the rapture,
as they sing in madness anthems. 

Some mad for flavor on the lips
in search of pleasure to extend,
others mad for life, searching 
for that adrenaline narcotic. 

I met the people mad
for their words and secret thoughts,
some mad due to lack of oral talk,
those are the maddest of them all, I know. 

Some mad for money, justice, politics,
ambition, it’s the age of madness, so I chose 
your insanity and join your mental circle,
to understand, to implement.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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