Poetry: Lack of Sleep

I see more of life, but I live much less of it.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Joshua Williams 

“Sweat and tune of snoring…”

The chatter in my head wouldn’t stop;
I ask for silence when I sleep
but it continues walking near
my skyward earlobe
whispering some thoughts
in the language of the morse.

Mosquitos –
Noisy fuckers,
decided that my blood
now resembles wine,
and my skin is a bubble wrapper
for the kids to pop my nerves.

Sweat and tune of snoring,
heat, annoyance, bits of sleep,
head against my knees,
I’m shaking like a swing
I feel the rhythm, and then
I follow the road that is
prolonged and sometimes boring road,
but brings me silence
that I imagine when I go to sleep.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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