Poetry: Highway on the Sun

This poem comes straight from the dusty folder containing my writings from about a year ago. After a bit of editing, here is the “Highway on the Sun.”

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Nick G

“Fast lane with broken brakes…”

Spit, jump, scream
you are in the ring of fire
burning, melting 
like a disregarded ice cream
on the pavement looking at the Sun. 

Fast lane with faulty brakes,
moving, cruising,
hell, that’s almost soothing
but it’s all fake, silly nature’s mistake 
so just take, don’t break, and feel the wind
across the skin. 

Feel the fire in the veins,
it keeps on burning
as you keep on jumping,
but the wind is gone
and you all alone,
once more.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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