Poetry: Heavy Load

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Zoe

“That’s a lack of morality…”

Canceled feelings singing tunes
about the silent night abuse,
when no one hears or speaks a word,
and life itself became a turd
stuck to the bottom of the boot.

Some have the strength to carry weight
of a thousand barrels on the back,
grinding teeth and dripping sweat
is a new reality, and others say:

That’s a lack of morality. 

They only guess and always whisper
to each other in the ear,
it’s a fetish, ancient pleasure
to vibrate each other’s vellus hairs. 

The barrels are heavy,
hardened thread is ripping gentle skin,
one breath, one thought of murder
as the barrels smash to pieces,
leaving a trail of water spilling
turning into mush and sewage. 


Thank you very much for any help!


Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

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