Poetry: Grapevine

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Roberta Sorge 

“Their half-shut eyes…”

Wind and rain
opening a trail of pain
for the blind victims
of the serpentine grapevine.

Their half-shut eyes
emit no life but only
irritation, lack of sleep,
and that dried up tear
they wished to camouflage within.

Slow walk from side-to-side
recalling something naval,
like an old vessel through the storm,
praying that the nails will hold.

They hold somehow,
but captain’s cold and lonely,
he is looking for the mermaid
that he spoke to earlier,
so she can guide him to his fortune,
the one he sees in dreams.

The wind increasing and
the rain is feasting
on his face,
balance shifts,
he trips.

He was looking for the mermaid
but he found his fortune first.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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