Poetry: El Dorado

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Andrew Sterling

“Weird, unique, and cute…”

Art is like conflict
it’s biased in each mind,
can’t satisfy each tongue
with the flavor of your words
and painting brushes in a bowl.

Some find it difficult to admit,
they turn to alcohol, and rage
as they are struggling to turn
the unfinished paper page.

The pain of tedium dullness
is biting the soul, not organs,
as you aching to push further
through the bushes of the unknown.

And then you reach the El Dorado
that you have maybe seen in dreams
but couldn’t quite point it out
on the map of consciousness created.

Weird, unique, and cute
under the sound of the Eastern flute,
calming, healing, breathing
as you hover freely
over the mountains nudging clouds.

Do you see it too
in the dullness of the paper?

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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