Poetry: Dagger

The hidden blades and smiles that cry of laughter.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Zoran Borojevic

“tears will not quench any thirst…”

Long leather coat
hiding dagger in the inner pocket,
instrument of justice and a crime,
pollution of emotion.

So any tool in life
can be used for good and evil,
like that sweet lie dripping from the red lips
to sew the bleeding wound,
poison of the viper or the antidote to life?

So smile, because the dagger is nice,
it’s shining bright in the moonlight of the night,
you keep it hidden but you have it just in case,
protection from the mumbling walls
and tumbling drunk thoughts.

Tears will not quench any thirst,
they only make it grow,
drying moist and killing voice.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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