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Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Kevin Tribelhorn 

“Much Rather Sing in Thoughts…”

The bird is singing in the cage
it’s wrapped in the leather straps
protected by some sturdy metal bars,
watched, observed, reported.

It tries to sing in higher tones,
jumping on the notes
gracefully, in tact
like a ballerina on the ice
that’s flying past,
creating stripes.

More effort is required from the bird
to sing akin the wild folk,
those liberated birds or
independent from birth.

It’s hard to sing when caged
much rather sink in thoughts,
but even then
after sometime
the thoughts unite
in a jelly blob of rubber,
zero flavors, color.

The role of a blob
is to serve as an ancient butler
reminding bird of hunger,
yet fails to mention
that it was born a hunter
and not a bard in the metal cage.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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