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Latest from the Blog

Poetry: Attic

My dusty attic. “BAckache,too much sitting…” So many things on my mind,it’s a cluttered, messy, dusty attic. You can notice flying particles of stars,satan’s dandruff, phoenix ash and a Wall Street banker sitting typing something, fighting buzzing headache,questions. Occasional sunbeam focused on the wooden attic floorspilling tales and visionslike I’m spilling whiskeyon my work. Backache, too much sittingstretching […]

Poetry: Temper Weather

Dedicated to the moving force of my life. “That way I know I’m still alive…” My weakness is my temper,it’s fast to blastbut feels heavy in the handas you tell me wordsfilled with biting truth and wounding facts;fury now mutated in its tracknow blushing cheeks, apologies there is. I’ll tell you a secret,I enjoy the […]

Poetry: Highway on the Sun

This poem comes straight from the dusty folder containing my writings from about a year ago. After a bit of editing, here is the “Highway on the Sun.” “Fast lane with broken brakes…” Spit, jump, screamyou are in the ring of fireburning, melting like a disregarded ice creamon the pavement looking at the Sun.  Fast lane […]

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