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Audio-Poetry: Voiceless

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer Photo by Liz Martin “You are part of the boat…” Silence of the water ismoving wooden boatmuch further. Edges of its frameare just above thestreaming, veiled substance,that has the boat surroundedwith the abundance of thevoiceless,almost frozen water. You are part of the boatand part of water,partitioned silenceand sliced defianceto the bloodless […]

Eden Lily

Eden Lily

Seeking that hidden Eden lily treasure. Be kind, aim for my heart. Alexander Dumas There is something beautiful in the distance. Some spiritual lily radiating fervor, passion. Fragile nirvana plant, cocooned by the magnetic field, with colorful electric roots fondling the invisible aura.It’s beating, stepping closer in my direction. Vibrant flower calling me at nights, […]

Toy Store Teddy Bear

Toy Store

Not everything perfect is genuinely content. This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfections. Saint Augustine Station, rain, of course, it’s dark. I approach the neon lights before they disappear underneath the waterfall that appeared on the glasses that got stuck to the nose. I open the door of […]

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