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“What do birds say?” Rain is showering the soil;big moment for the gigantic soulof planet Earth,to chill, contemplate and drink. What do birds sayto the crying heavens,with their soaking feathersflapping in the air. What do the predators say,patrolling boundaries of the realm,paws slapping puddles on the surface,searching for the borders now erased. Me?I become mute … Continue reading Rain.


“In truth, is you that’ll save me.” Stood there in the cornerlike some forgotten roman sculpture,a relic reproduced, now stands collecting dust;became a network for the spiders,sending data to each otherdown the sticky ropesbetween the steel strings. I holdand place you gently on my lap,wiping off the sheet of dust,destroying linksof the networking insect hackers,like … Continue reading Dance.


“Freedom is intoxicating.” Strange to feelthe inner peace and constant love,to feel reborn, rebuilt machine,still missing screws,but still… Yearned this feelingvery much,so many timesthroughout the breaths of time. Now, out of nowhere,gone the need to fight external forces,blocking the path dimly lighten by fate. Now the fight begins within the kingdom,time to pass new laws,get … Continue reading Expanse.

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