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Latest from the Blog

Poetry: FCM

“Interior like a cement box…” I’m lost inside the corridorof open metal doors and doors with locks,containing feral thoughts. Interior like a cement boxthe one some call apartment blockbut I just call it: FCM  – Facility Containing Men. I’m knocking on locked doors.I ignore the open ones, of coursebut no one answers usuallyso I get lost inside […]

Audio-Poetry: Tiny Dandruff

“Some line is crossed…” Can a flag change its meaningwaving in directionof the wind that’s blowingcountering the fearthat’s growing? Can we hideon the boatand just hopeto follow tideand not to disappeardissolve inside the ocean fear? Can we humans get another chancefor the bloody millionth timeto make it right,at least this time? The clock is dying […]

Poetry: Souls

“Everything’s shifting…” Sad souls are moving upwards,closer to the cloudsfurther from the pipesand bleached out labs. Everything’s shifting,drifting like a smokefrom our colorful manholebefore vanishing into the unknown. Marked souls are on the journey,closer to the soilfurther from the fear,but closer to the undying sphere. Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

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