Fables – Part 2

Some events in our history can be traced all the way back to the start; at the end of this tunnel, negative events find their beginnings, usually labored by some negative action.

Photo by Robert Bye

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“You are one of the exotic spices. “

Here in the land of hollies
rivers flowing filled with blood and sweat,
tears flowing for the ideas, dreams.

Here your secret notebook,
hidden under the pillow or the mattress,
becomes a testament to a new age,
the exodus of mind and basic functions
operated with the regulated alignment
to the fathers strive and tribe.

Crescent, cross,
pointy star and pointy sickle,
meeting with the dollar sign,
discussing politics, economy at the start
before they head to bed together
for a night of measured pleasure.

The melting pot you say,
when talking of big vegetables and meat
finely cut to share the flavor with the running water.

Here, inside the pot,
you are one of the exotic spices,
mixing well with certain savor
yet canceling the other tone,
lack of compatibility, it is.

Some will find the pleasure
in the cloudy steaming soup,
fireworks of flavor with
different spices, different scents
different sounds and different stomach,
passing crisis completely different
across the street, divided with metal.


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