Disappearance Blues.

I have abruptly ended this poem in suspense because I wasn’t sure in which direction I should take it.

Two paths and two ends to this story.

1) Dogs take you to the woods and present a human child. A clear sign that possibly there are more humans out there.

2) Dogs take you to the woods and you spend decades with them, slowly losing touch with the human part inside, before eventually returning to the roots of evolution.

So just like the contrasting stairs at the start, it all depends on the outlook on the issue.πŸ˜‰

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“What emotions do you feel. “

Say, all people disappeared
evaporated in the smoke
from the cigarette in hand.

Imagine receiving a prepaid package,
a gift – most certainly a curse,
of beating lungs expanding,
to sustain, protect
the last known intelligence of humankind.

What emotions do you feel
in the low budget adaptation
of this Hollywood-like dream?

At first, like climbing
contrasting steps of stairs
leading nowhere in particular;
the pursuit has gone cold
no interest to reach the top
to observe around, at all.

One step is painted in the tone
of the ecstatic frantic joy;
no more lines or traffic jams,
no more cruelty or pain,
or that forged emotion
on the blank and boring face.

The other step, speaks the language
of the fear and horror,
telling sorrow tale
of the adventurer forgotten
on the rock with bits of water,
floating lonely in the cold.

Continue stepping,
continue walking on the empty messy street
eating spoiled supermarket seasoned meat.

Movement in the distance
attracted glance stuck usually to the skies,
if not alone when walking soil
then defenses needed.

Paradox? Maybe.
No one canceled
primal mechanisms within,
spike of chemicals to protect
your kind and your mind.

Dogs united in the clan
run towards you, with the wind
combing hairs and flapping ears,
scary sight it is.

Once they close, they don’t attack
but lick the hand turned into the fist;
they are starving, feeling blue,
missing owners, missing the routine.


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