Day in april

I usually have trouble remembering dates and occasions but I could never forget the 9th of April. My dear mother’s birthday. I know you reading this, so I just want to thank you for the faith you placed in me over the years. Happy Birthday!

You can listen to this poem here.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby

“You blamed yourself a lot.”

You told me bedtime tales
of knights in armor on the horse,
but kept inside the tale
of debt collectors at your door.

You didn’t listen to the tongues
that whispered shuttered thoughts
and broken words regarding me
and people I adored.

I was your angel
and angel I have remained
even though my wings now dark
and yet they hold that spark,
that got them growing from the start.

You blamed yourself a lot,
for all the trouble that I got in,
for all the pain I witnessed and those tears
that turned to rivers on my cheeks.

Don’t blame yourself,
that’s what we do,
we take a beating and continue.

Not out of inner weakness
we remain in this silent stance,
it is because tomorrow, in few days,
old troubles become just another
the irrelevant topic of discussion
printed on the pages of the bygone yellow press.

Make way for a brand new day,
another birthday, maybe,
Ninth of April, it’s your day
and I wish you all the best,
could I wish you any less?


Thank you very much for any help!


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