Vladimir Fischer is working on his first book titled “Ever to Excel”.

A story about an amateur photographer Jack from the United Kingdom who moved to the United States in pursuit of success, money, and fame. Nevertheless, once arriving in a new country he has trouble deciding whenever his career choice was the right idea. He struggles with money and becomes overall depressed, not being sure in himself and his abilities. That is until he meets a street musician whose daughter in need of a photographer to help promote her charity work in Africa. Jack will experience crime, corruption, revolution, and will find himself in situations where he would have to make tough, crucial choices, the outcome of which could prove to be disastrous.

This is a story of personal growth and power within, that we all have, but seldom unleash it.

Will this Jack make the right choices that will offer him tranquility, or outcome of his decisions will spell doom on the people he cares most?

Vladimir Fischer is also working on his first poetry collection.

Together with Webtoon artist Stav Aroati, Vladimir is working on the story for the upcoming Webtoon. Details to follow.