Audio-Poetry: Wooden Horse

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer

Photo by Irina Nakonechnaya 

“He has become a horse for others…”

This city keeps no hostages alive,
and this region breathes with fire
melting sanity away
washing it with tears
of lonely widows
sobbing at the edges of their homes.

Silence helps to cure the anger,
makes it disappear like a fallen star
emerging from the depths of deepest soil.

Too much silence cracks a stone,
through the pain and the groan
of a little child on a wooden horse,
who figured out the medicine of silence,
but gave up on poison made of futile violence.

The child is no longer on the horse;
he has become a horse for others.

For those who seek pleasure, money and the
company of souls containing
broken chemistry
of the universe inside.

Poetry by Vladimir Fischer


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