Vladimir Fischer

I was born in Russia, as you can probably tell from my name. I remember seeing snow for the first time; it felt calming and strangely reassuring. But, unfortunately, fate had a different kind of play scripted for me. I left Moscow airport lights behind as a magnificent metal bird carried me in its belly to the once foggy shores of an Island never conquered.

I remember breathing fresh British morning air, intoxicated by its sharpness. It was like coming home again. I drank the fountains of stories and scenery around as if lost in the desert, thirsty for refreshing water.

Life is a supreme movie director. It made me a member of a minority, always scattered, battered, usually when things go wrong when the need for scapegoat turns dire.

Now I live down South, where people burn from the weather and charisma, sometimes from the rockets and bombs. So, of course, I don’t fit, like a white crow, startled by its reflection in the puddle. Luckily I found the love of poetry and the love in person. So I share my poems here, and I am incredibly grateful for my support thus far.

Up to the point of writing this, I have written over 100 poems on different topics, touching nature, love, future, hate, discrimination, and sin. I add meaning, sometimes a lesson or a question.

I want to take my writing to the next level and achieve my childhood dream of publishing a book. Back then, I could not imagine that it would turn out to be a poetry book.

I would really appreciate any support from this magnificent community of readers and writers.

Chief content manager for Ebooks About Cats