A Shadow

The last companion…

Painting by Maris,1878. Shared by Europeana

“we will travel far…”

Shadow stuck to the sole,
origami of the soul
but most likely just a mute companion
will be the last entity to give me company. 

We will travel far, further than the horizon
and will speak the languages forgotten
we will spend the moment looking at the dawn,
as if we were born again.

Friends, relationship, and family
can disappear as they appeared 
but you, my shadow, will follow me 
until the grave and maybe further. 

Once we reach the afterlife,
I hope you will not turn on me 
and join the prosecution as a witness
to my crimes against the divine. 

And if you do that is alright,
your hands tied as mine;
My mute companion 
a friend who has remained. 


Thank you very much for any help!


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