Fading letters

Tales might be sad but the truth is just.

Photo by Alessio Fiorentino

“The world is a pool of tears.”

My lines are flowing
with the taste
of bitter coffee in my veins.

They are steaming passion
trust me,
yet the tale is often cold and dark
like the night
that’s so dear to my heart.

That ancient impulse
pushing spirit deeper
to the poorly-lit
passages, emotions,
calm vibrations of the soul.

The world is a pool of tears
of different colors,
mixing, speaking to each other
in a different genetic code;
some combine and some contrast,
galactic blender working fast.

Experiment of science
we are witnessing alive,
waiting for the spark
wrong chemicals combined,
an explosion like a birth
sending back to the introduction page
of a book long lost,
letter fading on the yellow pages.


Thank you very much for any help!



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