Vladimir Fischer: Update

Hello, this is Vlad.

I have been away for some time now and wanted to apologize for not letting you know in advance. I needed some time off in order to reflect on my writing, evaluate the focus and direction on the path I am willing to take.

I have updated the website. Now you can have easier access to the latest public poems in written and audio form. Like my mood, the color scheme now changes every day.

Every Thursday a new poem will be published on the website.

After countless nights spent researching, testing, and failing different strategies on how my future could become better than my past and present, I have come to the conclusion that writing is my calling. It is something that I would like to devote my life to because only through the ink and sound of the keyboard I can feel no worry of reality around the corner, whispering its dirty tales of sorrow.

I am willing to accept the outcome of this decision and this goal. It is the privilege I have, just can not deny it. I am surrounded by support and love, now more than ever and it is the biggest motor behind my writing.

Now it is my turn to repay the kindness I have received and show the fruits of poetic labor, like in the days of old, through the trials and the battles. I know there are always failures to be expected, those lessons costing time a bit of money.

So I hope some of you will join me on this journey and help me achieve the dream. I have opened a Patreon channel, through which you will be able to support my writing as well as receiving the benefits of exclusive content. As you noticed some of the poems appear restricted with the password which you can receive through the patron option.

Thank you very much!

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