Photo by Ray Hennessy

A little different today.

Thank You!

“We look inside and see a simple office.”

Little canary lying
on the surface of the branch
scratching back with a yellow wing,
couch potato, watching TV, eating seeds.

When the sun is shining through the window,
canary can see the screen with crisp perfection,
no hindrance, unstaged drama, a panorama of the day;
if you may, sit down on near branch above the lazy bird,
and unsolve together, a timeless dilemma, detective of the mind,
despite the preference of loving drama, comedy, and forbidden sites;
birds also have their needs, you see.

We look inside and see a simple office,
the one that makes you sick,
from bland grey walls, and tasteless carpets,
lights that burn the eyes, if you look at them too long.

Is this what bird has traded trees and skies,
and glowing Northern lights for?

We notice movement in the window,
a woman, aged forty maybe less,
going through the stack of papers,
on her chameleon table,
blended with the walls,
now grey like paint in fabric,
a couple of miles down the coast.

An interesting reflection of the sun
through the lens of golden glasses on her nose,
transported through another layer of the glass,
back on us, we are part of a little theme park,
for the distant rays of the sun.

She found the document she needed,
smiling, almost whistling,
prefers to scream internally with joy,
as she folds and turns the document,
into the tiny looking packet for a pill;
canary enjoys the aesthetic of the size,
instinct move of the leg, towards the pack of seeds,
bird offering you some, but I’d decline, don’t start the new pandemic.

She wants to escape from the walls,
and contained electric flames above the head,
last document she needed,
close and will not be lost,
in the size of a giant pearl
envisioned by her love.

The ticket printed yesterday,
at work, before the moment
she actually decided to fly,
on the black and shiny falcon wings.

Destination – paradise,
painted in her mind,
together with a fellow younger,
so much brighter than those clercs
and management department people,
that she sees together with a day.

Today he spoke to her online,
can’t wait to meet her for the first time,
but lives with parents still, always tired,
never looking for a job,
but wishes, just as her, to fly together in the distance,
somewhere on the shores around the Pacific waters,
quiet from the lack of people and the lies.

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