Bitter Liquid.

Photo by Vino Li 

It’s really hard to apologize and particularly difficult to say sorry, knowing you are right.

Because of this difficulty, only strong can slide their swords back into the scabbard, to go on building, singing to the night and drinking splendid mead.

Thank You!

“The language of emotion is the most difficult to master.”

Apologetic letter,
raining words and singing songs
of truce, forgiveness,
symbol lost its meaning
in the pool of bitter tears.

Let us taste this fluid
together, unified as one;
I’ll be the lips
and you the tongue,
toying with the liquid,
like it’s enemy captured,
waiting for the disposal
to the pit of hungry snakes.

Flavor – transportation,
to the peak of the mighty cliff,
where mountain juice produced;
smelted by the power
of thunder, rain,
wind and glowing snow
in velvet cosmic tone.

The language of emotion
is the most difficult to master,
encompasses the play of hands,
the beat of heart and sparkle in the eye.

Hard to construct the guillotine
and sign the execution order for oneself,
to tie up the hose around the neck,
for something much more
magnificent, exquisite,
in the distance building cities,
expressing art – the human might of peace,
you hear?

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