Polar Bear.

Photo by Lucas Marcomini 

The ceiling is really endless for this bear. Thankfully I haven’t seen any seals there yet…

Thank You!

“Traveling the empty frozen plains.”

The eyes are on the journey
through the flat and empty desert
filled with cracks and holes;
it’s rough and solid,
white and cold
ceiling, held by corners
of the four-bedroom walls.

Muscle, bones,
like the puddle of honey
from the ancient wooden keg,
broken into by the hungry bear.

Polar beast
traveling the empty frozen plains,
and the sky is just one
hyper-crisp and perfect,
inter-dimensional projection screen,
sharing secrets held
by the confidants named walls.

Sky paints fresco
of a different life and love,
where hunting sacrificed
for stability and pill for an empty stomach,
where shelter turned,
became the portable universe
through the outlet on the warden wall.

On cold and lonely nights,
bear finds the precious patience
in the glowing aurora of the sky;
colors changing one another,
a neon chain around the wall-custodian.

Bear inspired
by the passion of the dark,
rays of energy warming frozen plains,
growing saplings and bringing life
it’s silver shiny meaning, speaking to each other
through the waves of starry sound, aloud.

As night gives way
to the brightness of the day
a bear walks the miles,
sliding down the tiny peaks,
hunting fish and seals;
breathing life through the clear nostrils
and entering the state of drunk psychosis,
source of the adrenaline in life.

Bear wouldn’t trade this cherished freedom,
for the protection of the walls,
there is a whole ceiling to explore,
too many places need the marking
on the map located in the mind.

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