Everlasting Soul.

Photo by Pars Sahin

Do bonfires work on Pandora?

Thank You!

“Circle sitting on the ground.”

My ship is not searching
for the mystical Aztec fortune,
nor do I seek the fame of Cortes.

Boat is bound
to the sunken shores of Atlantida,
and toxic lakes of Pandora,
exploring ocean floor
for the lost artifacts
of my imagination.

As I touch these shiny pearls,
static flashback,
to the childhood vision
or a dream,
showing clearing by the woods,
bonfire flames
dancing to the waves
of shaking strings.

Circle sitting on the ground,
unfamiliar faces
bond family alike yet,
singing music
talking poetry and all
to the audience of stars.

It’s not the aesthetics
of nature
that displayed
this dreamy vision in my mind.

It’s that warm and cozy
feeling it provides,
of tranquility and peace.

In these moments
created a youthful eternity
for the everlasting soul.

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