Eden Lily.

There are so many beautiful things that can be created if we only put a little sweat into it.

Thank You!

“It exploded like a bubble made of soap”

There is something beautiful in the distance. Some spiritual lily radiating fervor, passion. Fragile nirvana plant, cocooned by the magnetic field, with colorful electric roots fondling the invisible aura.
It’s beating, stepping closer in my direction.

Enthusiastic flower calling me at nights, I can’t digress from its virgin beauty. It’s my lily, I feel its pollen on the fingertips. I drift silently towards this treasure and touch the electric current, soft like bunnies belly.

It exploded like a bubble made of soap, fast and insignificant. I have been left alone in the total darkness now. My mind creating monsters in the corner of the eye, I try to ignore them but they hollering at me as if they know me.

I try to find a corner in this nocturnal darkness, to hide, to put my head on top of my naked thighs, and cry. I try, but tears wouldn’t flow, did I waste all the supply of this restoring liquid?

Whispering and wheezing, hissing in the language of the snake, approaching me, stretching its scrawny dying hand towards my shoulder.

I close my eyes and run. I can’t see the projection of my feet, I can’t feel the bottom of the shoe. I feel the sticky sweat raining down my neck, drop by drop it’s falling on the invisible soil, speeding my body up faster and faster, like a squirrel, like an eagle.

As I fly in this dark void, I look down to spot the ugly monsters, but instead, I see a field full of glowing lilies, with those familiar, colorful electric roots. They illuminate the surrounding void, creating Eden.

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