Converting Arrow.

Photo by Dominic Vogl

Just an observation of life’s circle.

Thank You!

“Priest on the road.”

Arrow piercing through the air,
drunk on speed, gliding runway model,
whistling sorrow,
composed for the journey of the dead.

This arrow is on the noble expedition,
doesn’t see itself as a messenger
for a phantom of the night.

Priest on the road,
converting pagans,
into the land fertilizer,
back to the ancient formula
of volcanic ash and soggy dirt,
lifelong medicine for mighty wood.

Forrest is not greedy like a man,
it will share the spoils,
with the needy, proud,
ugly, soft, or cautious.
Swedish table for you all.

Man has changed but
woodland never does,
just left a poster on a bark,

Manufacturer has asked
to return the exo-suits,
upon completion
of the best buy date.

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