Little Aquarius

Thank You!

“Golden joy of unexplored.”

I stare into the reflection
of your large dark eyes,
and I fail to perceive that
innocent and curious,
pure and trusting,
vision of the surrounding life.

Little Aquarius,
blind to the dark spots
inside the human soul.

He believes in the tales,
written in the books
of his parents.
Magnetized by the friendship,
shared between the Musketeer,
excited by the mind of Sherlock Holmes.

He searches for the magical Jumanji box,
inspiring whole playgroup
to scavenge in the dirty mud with him.

he always pushed the boundaries
a little further than expected.
Understood the value of the labor
collecting beer caps,
escaping kindergarten,
to spend those caps,
on shiny gum,
then coming back
without the gum or caps,
already rebel in the eyes
of startled teachers and a group.

In truth, I know,
that you still breathing there,
underneath the tortoiseshell
grown on top of your gentle cells,
protecting that little tiny spark,
that simple innocence,
and golden joy of unexplored.

You tap and chip and crack
that solid shell,
you try to break it,
to escape, to take control again.

Leave it, Vlad,
the world has changed,
that vision now long sits tainted,
you have to build again, anew,
play with that empty canvas on MS Paint,
like you did back then on the Windows 98′.

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