I don’t think I have any words left in me today.

Thank You!

“I see it in the dreams.”

I was always scared of heights,
scared of crowds, judgment, thunder.
I’m scared now too,
before I write this poem,
as if this keyboard,
a parlor grand piano
in the Royal Albert Hall.

Visions, visions
haunting me and begging
to be translated
into the words of men,
make the order
of this escapist disarray.

Last May,
I can’t remember it,
I swear.
Must invent, imagine then.

But I get lost,
I run and fly,
from the spiral cycle,
of the concrete life.

I fly and taste fruits of
wandering, prolific labor,
resting on the violet cloud
of the fairy fantasies, emotions
and indistinct disoriented illusions.

Then vibration,
a tremor in the vision,
I plummet down
towards the solid void.

I see it in the dreams,
sometimes a different setting,
but always alone,
and always falling,
but never feeling the pain,
I don’t break, I awake
and check the reminder for the phone update,
half-swear, half-whisper like a snake,
I shock myself and shut the lid of the grand piano,
staring into the polished black reflection.

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