Sleepy Weeks

Photo by Gema Saputera

Hopefully, we all can draw some water from the lake of creative illusions, bringing color to the picture.

Thank You!

“Choice, I have none.”

Those sleepy weeks,
affecting the eye of my mind,
raining letters,
soaking words,
squeezing all the meaning out of them.

I walk inside the bubble,
I see the shapes of color moving
on the inside of my vision,
outside there is trouble, war, collapse
but all I do is glide
above the lake of my illusions.

I barely speak,
only witness surrounding greyness
imprinted on the faces
passing by.

Dryness in the mouth and lungs,
begging for the precious liquid,
drawn from that holy lake.

I have none,
jumping in
head sinking in
covering the ears,
I can’t hear you speak.

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