Hazel Eyes

Photo by Dawid Zawiła

Battle carries on

Thank You!

“They spoke the other day.”

The greyness of the thick air
felt in my lungs,
in and out
constantly moving place,
it’s blocking the vision of tomorrow’s sun
for those hazel eyes,
enlighted green, and broken brown
fighting for control.

They spoke the other day,
acknowledging each other,
building towers with guns and bows,
nukes and prose.

I can’t stop this war,
they want more
change and tears
on the face
of the cells of my emotion.

Combat carries on,
moves on throughout the day.
I can’t speak but only see,
eyes have their own thought
own language,
if you learn it.

Green the charmer,
talker, spoken,
prime, ideal,
image, dream, and wish.

Brown the honest,
shy and mute,
ugly, dark,
always feeling on the edge.

I can watch
but also interfere.
like the immortal patrons of Athens,
placing lucky stars above the land.

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