Photo by Jack Ward

One of the more traumatic events in my life, that has actually affected my mother a little bit more. I went on to start loving sea and water, ships, swimming, and the absolute vastness of the ocean.

Originally, I had a different poem written but unfortunately my cat Haru decided it’s better to switch off my computer and delete the unfinished poem. Wasn’t really angry, should have saved it before…

Thank You!

“Silent angel swimming close to me.”

When I was a kid,
I imagined the waves of the sea,
that will lull me to sleep.

Spitting, screaming, kicking
the color of the sky is green,
water green,
tangled weeds are also green.

Calm water likes to move in circles
inducing visiting souls to a lucid dream.

But this water is fast, green
touching, constantly withdrawing sand,
with the tips of cramped fingers of the toe.

I see, a golden mast
holding nocturnal velvet sail,
fat from the constant wind
that’s pushing the forecastle deck
slashing anguished waters of the sea.

Silent angel swimming close to me,
fast as speed, helped by wings,
places tired body on his back between those wings,
the breeze across the skin on top of sandy beach.

If not the angels help,
then would return to the origins of the sea,
but something shifted, something changed,
inside of me and in the color of the liquid.

Blue and clear,
the sun is playing shadows
on the surface of the water,
colorful and spoken, calm
green leaves are drawing circles in the river.

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