One day I hope to make writing my only profession, at the moment, that is only a distant dream. In this poem, I wanted to reflect on my observations throughout the day.

Unfortunately, this poem is not as positive as I would have liked, but hey, at least there is a good ending?

Thank You!

“Illuminating the emptiness of a pit.”

Silent observer,
holding folded paper,
scribbling knotted ligature.

Tired eye,
pursuing sudden movement,
for a missing smile.

Mile after mile,
mechanic profile,
shining proudly on the chest.

Everyone’s a macho,
on this constant show,
of a cheap pride,
and useless rides.

like plastic,
covering the naked skin.

they torture me,
the thin jacket of my bones.

Shadows, figures,
rushing headlamp,
illuminating the emptiness of a pit.

Observer folds the paper,
whispering some curse,
or prayer,
rare occasion
for such temptation.

Grounded in the concrete,
but visibly,
almost spiritually,
in the vastness of the horizon.

Endless horizon.

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