The Course of Empire Destruction,
Cole Thomas, 1836. 

Last week has not been really encouraging for 2021 ahead. I really wanted to detach myself from politics as much as possible, but in today’s world, it is not easy. The world became so small, that events happening miles away, can have, almost, physical impact on your life.

In this poem, I wanted to remind us of the story of Rome’s final days. We should never forget the history, but most importantly the dangers that follow, sudden destruction of old bridges.

Thank You!

“Distorted vision, altered sound”

Fire dancin’,
lighting up the street,
turning marble into ash.

Scream, confusion,
heavy smoke,
it’s a fall of the nation,
fall of Rome.

Tired eyes are
chasing mice,
by the cloth.

Shiny lenses,
reflect the wild past.
distorted vision,
altered sound,
directing mind,
to change its kind.

Sweaty bodies,
crushing pillars,
while dancing
on the foundation
of the nation.

You can wink,
but still not ready for the click,
of a simple coin,
always angry at each other,
turning back,
but useless without each other.

New type of marble.

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