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This has to be one of the longer poems I wrote. Love is always a great subject to write about. It’s amazing how we ready to sacrifice, sometimes even to compromise, all for the person that warms our hearts. Cherish them ❤

This poem has been written for the prompt, organized by the @elysian_tales on Instagram.

Thank You!

“Further inland…”

The rattle of the wheel,
against the metal track.

Luggage packed,
all clothes are freshly washed,
folded neatly in the bag.

So much happening at once,
faces, movement,
missing sound
from within
some rusty pipe.
One big candy for an eye.

Hour moved on by the other.
The scenery is changing,
square fields,
swiftly switched,
by mighty trees.

The train is moving down the track,
further inland,
further from your gentle glance,
reminds me of the dance,
surrounded by the stars.

The void expanding,
with each passing minute,
dipping heart in the Arctic waters,
turning vessels frozen.

My pocket holds the antidote,
turning noisy cabin
to the garden by the coast.

Stepping on the marshmallow soil,
while drinking mellow milky rain,
swimming in the fountain of emotion,
bound to the endless ocean.

Separated by the miles of the land,
far away,
from the grains of sand,
that stuck,
between the lanes,
of your soft hand.

Ingredient of antidote
is very simple,
it’s the motion picture,
a mixture of the moments,
spent embracing one another.

Closer than ever.

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