We Could Have…

Photo by Dave Hoefler

This poem could be a letter, or maybe even a manifest for the broken hearts and tricked minds. I have also experienced a similar betrayal. Sometimes, it’s hard to get passed that, but eventually we all will.

We keep on forgetting about ourselves in the picture…forgetting our own path. The one we need to complete, with a clear head and open mind.

Thank You!

“But we didn’t”

The trail of life,
a thousand steps,
dotted with the bumps and holes,
ripping softest skin of gentle toes.

We could have walked this path,
under stretching golden sky,
warming limbs,
with never-ending,
rays of setting sun.

We could have added,
a little fiction,
to the constant friction of the path.

We could have laid a brick,
added scenery,
perhaps a tree
to grow on top of mighty roots,
the foundation of our love.

We could have…

But we didn’t 
Your shoes were dipped,
in the filth of a lie.
Scripted promises
you made,
not worth a broken dime. 
One ugly slime,
wearing a velvet mask,
in the color of a rose,
all is just a silly pose,
directed at the 
the cordiality of my heart.
Your kind,
always wants
to feel again,
what it’s like
to drink champagne,
embracing true affection,
but stuck,
between the sheet and street. 

Still wandering out there, I’m sure.

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