Dark Lie.

Just going to say that there is nothing quite, like the feeling I had writing this poem, surrounded by the darkness.

Thank You!

A drop of light, perhaps mirage…”

Swiftest moment,
of twisted truth,
pushes second,
closer to the abyss.

Darkness shifted,
pushed by the wave,
of the endless noise,
eternally imprinted,
inside the particles of air.

Taken with each breath,
like exhaust gas,
on the busy, sleepy street.

A drop of light,
perhaps mirage,
here another,
coincidence it is.

The beat of a loving heart,
creates a movement in the structure,
giving birth,
to a melody of sort,
so beautiful,
the force of life,
holding that giant clock.

Darkness can’t withstand,
power of the cosmic light.
Evaporated into nothing,
eye can’t see the speed,
of how it fell.

Still alive,
hiding in the shadows,
waiting for the mistake,
someone slip,
growing stronger
with each fall.

Always near.

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