Photo by Frame Harirak 

Interesting how people were given a choice to believe the ancient prophets or not. They always come a little strange at times, but maybe it is because in order to receive you need to give?

Thank You!

Search for safety.”

He stepped inside the pub,
chunks of snow dropping on the wooden floor,
turning color of the branch,
to the color of the night.

Search for safety.

He said, removing spectacles,
goofy looking,
was a spectacle for all.

Aware of that distrusting stare,
he wanted to explain,
the shortness of his breath,
and almost frozen fingertips.

The mind is weak,
easy to sabotage,
I came right here to warn you,
prepare for the collapse. 

Laughter burst around the floor,
no pity for a man,
amusement for a crowd.

They felt unlucky,
yet, his life looks truly tragic. 

Must have a deficiency, 
some kind,
to fail so miserably,
in his existence. 

They threw the food,
and copied,
the way he speaks,
mimicking his awry spine. 

Silly prophet,
came here for a profit,
no coins for you right here,
buy yourself a drink,
or leave before I start to break!

The man looked around for one last time, 
quickly turned towards the door,
let the frozen wind within,
and disappeared in the snow. 

Strange feeling fails to leave me,
that the man,
is still around, 
warning minds,
of the collapse. 


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