Photo by Oleg Cloes

Humans are usually not very good at setting up governments that would actually work for them. Unlike our ancestors our generation is lucky. The majority of the planet is not being murdered by tyrannical governments, but we are losing a battle for our minds…

Thank You!

Way out?

Skeptic looking through the lens of foggy glass,
madly laughing,
that antiseptic for the soul,
poetic to its core.

Massive screen,
across the street,
overlord and master,
a cynical conductor of the thoughts.

Beep followed by a clink,
old neurotransmitter,
forgotten how to think,
blinded by an electric wink.

Placed between two evils,
stuck between two empty plates.
Doomed from birth,
to suffer whip or vacant mind.

Way out?

I hear you ask,
voice cracking.
It’s Murphy’s law,
woven into the fabric of the world.

Programmed machines and screens,
bare of emotion,
scared of laughter,
unable to process
reaction of the crowd.

Healing laughter.

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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