Spartak Moscow.

Sergey Rozhkov scores a goal. Spartak – Nacional Uruguay (07.21.69). Source: Spartak Fanat 

“You do not win just because your name is Spartak. You win only if you prove on the pitch that you are Spartak.”

Massimo Carrera former manager.

That ancient rivalry of sports.”

On the banks of the Moscow river
the greatest show is taking place.

Spartak Moscow playing,
passing ball between each other,
like one flawless machine.

It’s a battle of the thought and a muscle of the leg,
that ancient rivalry of sports,
igniting hearts of simple folk
and highest comrades of the party.

Speed and tactics,
fair pass,
the ball is flying past the keeper
shaking net behind the line.

It’s a story of the club,
which is more than just a team.

Philosophy of life,
like victory through sacrifice,
and striving to the top,
despite the strong opponent.

Generations of supporters,
switch each other on the stands.

It’s a family tradition,
for so many chanting fans.

So am I,
your dear pal,
grandson of the Mark,
who stayed forever red and white,
following his path,
today and yesterday.

Score the goal.

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