Decided it was time to write a poem for one gorgeous, but occasionally nutty, ginger cat named Haru. The Japanese meaning of his name is Spring, (season).

Thank You!

Brave idiots they are.

Swift as a wing of the fastest eagle.
A loaded gun, waiting for impulse,
like some cozy pillow on the bed,
gently holding,
my buzzing evening head.

Good friend,
or may I say,
protector of the realm?

The way you place the bodies of invaders,
all lined up,
like a bunch of nameless soldiers,
lost in the war for aimless causes.

Brave idiots they are.
Turned into the dirty little smudge,
under the weight of your quick paw,
shining hidden silver claw.

Toys and treats, some random strings,
reflect with a sparkle in your eyes.

Movement, shadow, sudden noise,
remind you of those endless fields,
enormous water springs,
pyramids and golden temples,
forever side by side
with the nature of a man.

Approved for publication by the Supreme Leader Haru 🐾

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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