Our Kind.

Humans are quite remarkable creatures. We know our weaknesses but do not always realize our strengths in cunning and destruction. Could aliens ever withstand our charm?

Thank You!

We can also reach the stars!

Scraping gum of empty pavement road,
surrounded by the concrete boxes,
roofs holding clouds up in the sky.

Antenna flickers in the night,
carousel of flashing lights,
sending code to flying saucers.

We can also reach the stars!

Our heads might be a fraction smaller
and tiny eyes not suited for the dark.
we appreciate the beauty of sacrifice and struggle.
Attracted to this story
like a crazy moth to a blinding shine. 

Are you scared of mighty gods,
that guided us on our journey?
We spilled the blood,
drew continents on map,
every millimeter,
a dozen souls,
on altar,
traded for the knowledge

One day we will compete,
traveling between the galaxies afar,
building settlements, romantic prose.

For now,
please accept this pocket gift,
a token for the friendship ahead.

Vibrating piece of glass and plastic,
the achievement of our kind. 

Space Odyssey

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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