Shadows from the past.

Photo by Craig Whitehead

My apologies for not posting much last week. Lot’s work to be done ahead. “Shadows of The Past” is given birth through my constant experiments with styles of writing. Hope you enjoy it and have a great week ahead!

Thank You!

History is here to teach and warn us

The sorrows of the past

cannot design the future.

An idea sparked inside the thinker’s mind.

Yet, old transgressions keep appearing,

never disappearing with a time.

He wrote the words,

manufacturing each letter,

observing each with the eye of a loving parent.

Dancing shadows on the paper

taint attention of the mind.

Like deadly virus corrupting string of DNA.

Thinker has exhaled 

his constant thoughts and worries,

at a tiny candle on the desk. 

Small but prickly blade of fire,

shook through a wave of a constant worry.

Shadows danced for one last time

before they vanished into the dark.

History is here to teach and warn us,

like wearing a coat will help to warm us,

that shadows stick to the bottom of our feet,

regardless of the time we in.

Pay no attention to the dancing figures,

following the path you take.

Shadows disappear in the dark yet also in the light. 

He pressed his feather,

against the paper in the dark,

whispering his frozen words.  

Follow to the light

Please let me know what you think of the poem on Twitter @FischerVladimir

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