Photo by Ennio Dybeli

Sometimes different opinions might sound very foreign and even physically painful. However, engaging someone, like young Emily in this poem, could reveal a thoughtful insight into our own lives.

Thank You!

She is gravely ill.

Emily lived in the land of smiling people.
A country with no crime or sorrow
where people never rob but borrow.

In the land of law and order
many rules, and final judgment
drying with the haste
on yellow paper,
on top of the judge’s table.

Waiting lists and waiting lines,
empty eyes and soulless smiles.
Matching clothing
a never-changing topic,
like sour topping for a day.

Poor Emily,
all alone,
unable to experience,
the joy of smiling people all around her.

She is gravely ill.
A disease of the mind,
her doctors liked to say.
Forgotten feelings of sadness, anger,
wrap around her weary heart.

She keeps on questioning the rules,
while wearing her mismatched clothing,
bright like summer colors,
bringing the sun out from the plainest clouds,
above the smiling kingdom.

No one knows what really happened.
Disappeared in the dark or in colorful explosions,
expanding long horizons in the distance or simply buried in the cave.

Where is Emily?

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